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Boat Ramps

The two boat ramps in Gulf Harbors are owned by the Gulf Harbors Civic Association and maintained for the benefit of our membership.

The North Channel Ramp, off Bowline Bend, has a steep incline and is suitable for all size boats.  Recommended use is at high tide.

The South Channel Ramp near the intersection of Floramar Terrace and Topsail Trail can be used at all times but it is better suited for use at mid to high tides. 


Members can lease a boat ramp key annually from the GHCA office.  If ramp use is only needed occasionally, volunteers will open the gate for members.  To schedule a ramp opening, contact one of the following official key holders.  They are volunteers so please give them a minimum of 1-HOUR notice.  The official key holders are listed below.

Phone Number
Ed Lengvarsky
Robert Kremer
Frank Bifulco
Frank Rose (Supervisor)


The following regulations apply to all ramp users: 

1. Use is restricted to daylight hours only. 

2. A current membership card must be presented to gain access. (NO EXCEPTIONS) 

3. Non - members will be charged $100.00 (in advance) for each opening of the ramp. 

4. Do not use your engines to load or unload boats. 

5. Bring your own helpers. It is not the responsibility of the key holders to assist you in launching or retrieving your boat. 

6. If you intend to use the boat ramp frequently, a key may be leased from the office by members for your personal use.  They are $30.00 annually plus a $10.00 deposit.

7. Please report any misuse of the boat ramps to the office or Boat Ramp Supervisor, Frank Rose.

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