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GHCA Breakfast Club

Every 3rd Sunday @ 8-11:30 AM

Skip Geiger


The members of the Breakfast Club serve a delicious breakfast on the third Sunday of each month at the Civic Center from 8 - 11:30 a.m in the main hall. The cost of the breakfast is $5.00 and you get sausage, scrambled eggs, all the pancakes that you can eat, fruit cup, orange juice and coffee/tea.

You can ask for breakfast to go and they will put it in a carryout container.  You can also bring your own champagne to enjoy mimosas while you dine there.

The monthly breakfast is a great place to meet your neighbors and friends or make some new friends.

When you come, you will notice some of our younger residents who volunteer to serve, cook in the kitchen or help in any way they can. This volunteer time helps them to complete the "community service hours" that they must put in order to graduate with honors.

If you'd like to volunteer at the monthly breakfast, please contact the coordinator mentioned above.

Everyone is welcome!

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